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Why Seniors Should Look Forward to Community Living

Posted By Cindy Greenfield, Friday, August 31, 2018
Updated: Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Many aspects of life become increasingly important when you are growing older. These include not just the ones associated with cognitive health. There is no doubt isolation and inactivity can pose a significant health risk when it comes to senior living. Trending research shows how isolation, poor connection with family, inactivity, and lack of socialization can lead to numerous health complications. These conditions include diabetes, cardiovascular decline and other life-limiting diseases.

Senior Health – Why Social Retirees and Seniors are Healthier and Happier

As per a 2010 research study in the New England Journal of Medicine, frequent socialization with friends and family with physical and mental exercises keep seniors healthy and young at both mind and heart.  Exploring new activities, working on your hobbies, spending time outdoors, joining a charitable cause, and embracing life’s new obstacles are activities that stimulate a senior's mind and body.


Just Consider the Following Activities:

  • Playing chess or other board games with your friends or peers
  • Going out for a bike ride, dancing, jogging or light aerobic exercises such as yoga
  • Playing your favorite musical instrument and dances in a social group
  • Engaging in mentally stimulating debates or discussion concerning current affairs, events and technological advances

Senior living is all about taking life to a newer level, but with a healthy mind and body. And you will be surprised to hear that a healthy brain can steer you clear of a number of debilitating ailments such as depression and chronic inflammation. 


The Reasons Why Seniors Drop Out of Sight and Disconnect With the World

Senior citizens have to encounter a slew of challenging obstacles while embracing their will to stay connected with their family and community - and the bulk of those challenges, which become too difficult to overcome for many retirees and seniors include:

  • No or lack or transportation
  • Health problems that affect their mobility
  • Friends that live really far away – or are moving to a new place
  • The trauma of surviving the loss of close friends, family, peers, pets

These harrowing problems can really break the heart of a senior, affecting his health and his determination. Hence, they begin to isolate themselves, becoming bleaker with age, and falling prey to depression and anxiety.


All the Magnificent Reasons Retirees and Senior Should Embrace Community Living

One of the most fantastic benefits of being a part of a community in senior living is the fact that you will never ever have to let go of your independence – you will always be in safe and clean environment that will offer all levels of comfortability that you desire. The community will become your new home.


You Will Feel More Empowered Realizing Your Options

As you mature, you will start to realize the advantages of decluttering your life. Downsizing will become a more viable and feasible option. Hence, community living will start to appeal more to you. Senior health and living communities offer a plethora of tailor-made apartments and living spaces with all the latest in amenities and features. Moreover, there are pleasant common areas where you can meet your peer on a regular basis. In addition, you can schedule to meet your close friends and family members.

However, transitioning from a place where you have a lived a good majority of your live can be an emotional rollercoaster ride, there is no question the experience is bittersweet and getting used to the idea that you won’t be living there anymore is something you will have to overcome to start a new life.

Another reason why seniors choose to switch to community living is the fact that the staff makes lives so much easier and pleasant and as maintenance-free as they can. Community living eases the burden of maintaining your old house. Moreover, you can rest assured that the community will address your future medical requirements effectively and efficiently.


Healthier Diet and Eating Options

When you think about cooking every day it will begin to feel as it is a chore that you must do. If you can’t you’ll have to eat out every day and isn’t a good option considering your overall well-being. Community homes for senior living offer restaurant-standard meals and nutritious eating options every day. Hence, you can stay healthy and in shape, as you will eat right. Moreover, everything you eat will be according to your own specifications.


Zero Transportation Problems

There is nothing better than to know that you can go anywhere you want, anytime you want and the fact that you won’t have to drive. Many senior living communities provide scheduled transportation or locations around your town. Have a doctor’s appointment – no problem, you will make it on time and with comfortability.

Not only do senior living communities offer all of the above, they also offer:

  • Top-Notch Services: Along with landscaping and cooking, senior health and living communities offer exterior home maintenance and industry-standard housekeeping services. Moreover, they have barbershops, dry-cleaning and grocery stores on-site! Talk about convenience and a homely feeling.  
  • Access to Healthcare and Add-on Services: Another reason you should consider senior living in a community is the fact that you will have access to on-site rehab therapy. Moreover, you can opt for assisted living in case your health needs change in the long run.
  • Great Opportunity to Make New Friends and Bonds: Nothing is more important than like-minded, fresh and optimistic company. Socializing is great for retirees and senior. In a community setting, you can impart your knowledge, make new friends and enhance your mood. This is likely when you participate in community events and activities.
  • Health and Wellness Programs: Senior health and wellness activities and programs promote cognitive and physical health. These programs uplift your heart and soul. Senior living setting offers on-site gyms, fitness centers, and aerobic classes tailored to your mobility.  Moreover, you can also constantly engage your mind as you participate in on-site seminars and skill building classes.



It’s tough to see many reasons why a senior community living space wouldn’t be a great fit for a lot of folks with all of the excellent opportunities and assistance they offer, but we all know it can be daunting to enter a new living situation. That’s precisely why these communities are perfect though, as they are aware the transition can be scary, but they are there every step of the way to ensure that living in a senior community is the best and right decision for you. If you or someone you know are interested in senior living communities, I strongly recommend doing some research on some communities close to you, as they will bring a sense of ease to your mind and to your life.

Cindy Greenfield writes about Senior Health, Wellness and Life-Minded fulfillment. She facilitates and blogs for Cascade Group's Assisted Living Communities. She is an expert in the field of senior care and senior living communities, working with seniors for about 35 years now and having lived and learned from her experiences to develop an immense knowledge of this content area.

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