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Declaration of MY Independence (December 2010)

Posted By National Wellness Institute, Friday, October 1, 2010
Updated: Friday, December 28, 2012

Every year millions of Americans set new goals, write down their wants, and decide that this year, is a new year. Every year millions of Individuals set New Year's Resolutions. This saying has lost all true meaning when analyzed. After asking family and friends, most people could conclude that last year's resolutions have gone unresolved and unnoticed. That is why this year things are going to be different. This year were starting the Declaration of MY Independence.

It's time the millions of people who want to change something about themselves or their lives really make that change. In a recent study, 40-45 percent of Americans make a New Year's Resolution. Of those 75 percent will continue their efforts past the first week, 71 percent past the first two weeks, 64 percent after one month, and 46 percent after six months.

We want to get people away from the idea of a "New Year's Resolution" And move towards real change. Let's face it, this isn't about doing something for 2011, it's about doing something for yourself and making a change in your life. So, we want it to last well past 2011.

The first thing is to set that goal. It might be aiming to lose the first twenty pounds you have been dying to get rid of, or maybe it's losing the last twenty. It may be to quit smoking or exercise more. It may simply be to eat more fruits and vegetables. Every goal, no matter how small, is worth something. But do remember, when making these goals, we do want them to be realistic. Losing 100 pounds may not be the place to start. Think about losing the first twenty and then working from there.

After a goal is set, formulate a plan. Make a Declaration of MY Independence so everything is set in stone. When something is written down, the likelihood of itt happening is much greater. Also, set a time line. Make a calendar or spreadsheet to make dates more concrete. Don't write, Eat more vegetables, instead write, eat a serving of carrots on Tuesday, broccoli on Wednesday, and so on.

Put pressure on yourself, but remember everyone screws up. Don't get down on yourself for not making your morning workout or for eating that extra piece of pie. Just move on from your slip and try not to let it happen again. Many people, after they have a mix up, end up giving up on their entire program and might even forget all the progress that they have already made.

Also, some people find it helpful if they set rewards for themselves if they achieve their goals or if they continue to stay on the right track. Remember, these goals don't have to be, I get to eat an extra piece of pie, they should be something more like, I get to buy myself a new dress, or I get to buy that new kitchen appliance I want. This way the goals are not directly linked with the goal in mind, and they don't undermine the goal, but act as their own reward.

Now it is time to write it down or think about the goal that you have been dying to achieve. Make sure it is something that you truly want and something that is achievable. You can use our attached sheet to fill out some simply questions, or write it down in your journal or planner. This is about you. It's your turn to make a change and it starts today. Take back your independence and give yourself the freedom to make real change! Say good bye to failed New Year's Resolutions and say hello to YOU!

Declaration of MY Independence

I, _____________________, am declaring that I am going to make this change in my life:

The reason I want to make this change is for the following reason(s):

I am going to achieve my goals for doing the following:

I am hoping to achieve my goals by this date:

My reward to myself for achieving this goal is:


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