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When Chocolate is Not Good (May 2010)

Posted By National Wellness Institute, Saturday, May 1, 2010
Updated: Friday, December 28, 2012
Depression: Individuals who consume large amounts of chocolate are more likely to be clinically depressed, according to a study published in Archives of Internal Medicine, the Wall Street Journal reports (Corbett Dooren, Wall Street Journal, 4/27). Study participants who tested positive for possible depression consumed about 8.4 servings of chocolate monthly, compared with 5.4 servings among those with lower depression test scores. Those who scored highest -- and were most likely to be depressed -- consumed 11.8 servings per month (Tong, Sacramento Bee, 4/27). While the findings were similar for both women and men, the researchers noted that it is unclear whether depression influences the consumption of chocolate or vice versa (Wall Street Journal, 4/27).

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