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NWC Coaching Academy
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The 2015 National Wellness Conference (NWC) Coaching Academy brightens your coaching journey by shining the light on coaching the whole person, of course doing so with the E’s (EASE):

  • The Emotions of Coaching - Organizing and Understanding the Role of Emotions in Coaching to Deepen Awareness

    The Experience of Dynamic Coaching Styles and Techniques with a Focus on Observing the Whole Person/Body - Speed Coaching:  Conversations with the Masters

  • The Essence of Coaching – Coaching from a Holistic/Integral Perspective for Lasting Change

Both seasoned coaches and individual who are interested in learning more about coaching are welcome to participate in these interactive sessions at NWC 2015.

Participate in one or more days of the Coaching Academy at the 2015 National Wellness Conference to engage in a sequence of sessions and learn not only from the presenters, but also from your peers through facilitated networking and learning activities. All Main Conference attendees are invited to participate in Academy sessions; additional pre-registration is not required. While the Coaching Academy is designed as a three-day series, with each day building on the previous one, Conference attendees are welcome to participate in just one or two days of the series. Participants who do attend all three sessions will earn a certificate of participation. 

NWC 2015 Coaching Academy Facilitators:

Jackie Bredl-DetrichCarrie Phelps Jackie Bredl-Dietrich, CHES, PCC, CWP, BCC, and Carrie Phelps, PhD, BCC

NWC 2015 Coaching Academy Sessions

Monday, June 23
2:15 p.m. – 5:15 p.m.

Coaching Academy, Day 1: The Evolution Toward Advanced Coaching Skills and Deepening Awareness
This session marks the beginning of an amazing opportunity to learn and interact with coaches. Day 1of the academy includes a presentation by one of the foremost thought leaders in the field of wellness coaching, Michael Arloski, PhD, PCC, CWP. Arloski’s presentation, "'Well' Beyond Goal Setting: Advanced Wellness Coaching Methodology for Whole Life Behavioral Change" will challenge wellness and health coaches to reach beyond the coaching basics in order keep their work vital and to continue to be effective as a coach. Simple communication skills, assessment, goal-setting, resolving ambivalence, and setting accountability are not enough. Engage in a more advanced level of skill and knowledge development through deepening awareness of motivation (both intrinsic and extrinsic); coaching through internal barriers to change; collusion; the evidence around self-disclosure; holistic yet behavioral change planning; strategic use of the semantics of coaching; working with metaphor; and working with powerful questions from a client-driven perspective. After this engaging presentation, there will be small- and large-group facilitated discussions related to the topic, as well as a brief closing experience.

Tuesday, June 24
2:15 p.m. – 5:15 p.m.

Coaching Academy, Day 2: The Experience of Dynamic Coaching Styles and Techniques
The objective of this "Speed Coaching: Conversations with the Masters" session is not to find your next coach to date, but instead to offer participants the opportunity to be coached by master-level professional coaches or to observe live one-on-one coaching in a "speed coaching" format. Before the coaching begins, Jackie Bredl-Dietrich, CHES, PCC, CWP, BCC, a well-known and sought-after ontological life coach and wellness speaker, will review core competencies and give an introduction to the roles and guidelines for effective coaching conversations. Then, the format for coaching will be established and the experience will begin. After each round of coaching, time will be devoted to small-group discussion to listen to the coachee's experience and identify the key skills of advanced coaching that were observed. There will also be large-group discussion and a closing experience. This will be an invaluable session for all levels of coaches to experience a variety of styles and techniques and quite possibly an "Ah-ha" moment. Join fellow NWC participants for a rare opportunity to learn with so many dynamic coaches who are leading the way.

Wednesday, June 25
2:15 p.m. – 5:15 p.m.
Coaching Academy, Day 3: The Essentials of Accountability, Coaching Agreements, and Closure
Day 3 of the Coaching Academy is focused on practical, proven, and relevant coaching tools and processes.It begins with a presentation by Billie Frances, LMFT, BCC, CWP, a highly experienced coach and leader in the coaching industry. In her eye-opening, thought-provoking, and interactive presentation titled "Coaching Accountability: Fostering Connection, Ownership and Results," Billie will provide insight and practical coaching tools on how to help clients be accountable to what they really want, which ultimately leads to the realization of personally meaningful goals. Join Billie to mindfully explore and practice a variety of accountability techniques grounded in awareness, empowerment, and respect. After a brief break in the action, the Coaching Academy will resume with another interesting presentation (with real-world coaching relevance) by credible and credentialed coach Debbie Jongkind, RD, LDN, PCC, CWC. Titled "Successfully Wrapping Up Coaching Relationships," her presentation will focus on ending strong and setting up the client for continued success. This thought-provoking, highly experiential, and fun-filled day of the Academy will not only give you new tools for your coaching tool box, but also it will connect you with other coaches and leaders in the coaching industry. The last part of the Coaching Academy on this day will include a final closing experience.

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