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NWC 2014 Integrative Health Academy
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With an exemplary first year launch in 2013 and growing this second year, the National Wellness Conference (NWC) Integrative Health Academy, founded by Denise DeForest Pastoor, MEd, APRN, BC, CHTP, CWP, is oriented to wellness professionals interested in deepening their understanding and applying integrative health modalities into their practice or workplace. The principles of integrative holistic health are essential tools for all wellness professionals—holistic health practitioners, wellness coaches, wellness educators, healthcare personnel, worksite wellness professionals, and human resources staff. The mission of this Academy is to educate, support, and empower participants to take responsibility for their health and wellness by focusing on the whole person: mind, body, spirit, emotions, and social connections. Through evidence-based practices, the Integrative Health Academy bridges Western conventional medicine with complementary and alternative medicine, traditional, and natural healing practices to promote optimal health and wellness. 

Join participants for one or more days of the Integrative Health Academy at the 2014 NWC for an engaging, interactive, uplifting experience with dynamic speakers, creative group activities, stimulating panel discussions, peaceful meditations, and expressive movement offerings. Through the collective energy of presenters and peer networking, you will develop tools and valuable resources to carry the momentum of integrative health forward.

All Main Conference attendees are invited to participate in Academy sessions; additional pre-registration is not required. While the Integrative Health Academy is designed as a three-day series, with each day building on the previous one, Conference attendees are welcome to participate in one or two days of the series. Participants who do attend all three sessions will earn a certificate of participation.

NWC 2014 Integrative Health Academy Facilitator:

Rosie Ward Denise DeForest Pastoor, MEd, APRN, BC, CHTP, CWP, RYT

NWC 2014 Integrative Health Academy Sessions

Tuesday, June 24
8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Integrative Health Academy, Day 1: Exploring the Functional Medicine Branch of the Integrative Health Tree
The newest branch of integrative health is Functional Medicine, a sub-discipline that brings basic science to clinical practice that addresses the underlying causes for chronic disease. Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, CWP, will share how the functional medicine matrix of metabolism, biochemistry, lifestyle, genetics, nutrition, movement, emotions, attitudes, relationships, and environment is an expanded version of Wellness Wheel dimensions in her presentation, "Functional Medicine Primer for Wellness Pros: You CAN Master the Basics.” Using sleep disorders as an example of conditions that functional medicine addresses, Denise Pastoor, MEd, APRN, BC, CHTP, CWP, RYT, will introduce variety of holistic strategies to enhance sleep, using contemplative "Zen” practices, essential oils, herbs, and guided imagery in her presentation, "Zen of Sleep: Holistic Strategies for Restful, Restorative Slumber." Through exploration of underlying causes of disrupted sleep patterns, unconscious habits, and lifestyle choices, restorative sleep hygiene can become a reality. In Day 1 of this functional medicine primer, participants will learn how to advise clients in lowering risks and possibly reversing the progression of lifestyle diseases by understanding underlying causes of chronic health conditions and altering lifestyle choices.

Wednesday, June 25
8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Integrative Health Academy, Day 2: Exploring the Body Awareness and Movement Branch of the Integrative Health Tree
Movement as a practice for health and healing spans centuries and cultures and is often a forgotten source of wisdom in our Western culture. Current research validates the profound healing power of movement for all dimensions of wellness, from expressive full body awareness to energy principles of Qi-gong blended with art of massage. Ignite energy, joy, and fun, as Day 2 of this Academy deepens the journey of integrative health modalities in weaving expressive movement with energy awareness and blending contemporary movement forms with ancient contemplative practices. During his "Qigong & Massage” presentation, Ra Kabeer, ND, will use his  expertise to teach participants Qi-ssage techniques, created by Master Chunyi Lin, for key energy points in healing self and others. A seasoned expressive movement teacher, Lisa Medley, MA, CMT, will guide participants to embody a variety of simple practices to strengthen body awareness, tap into body wisdom, and deepen mind, body, and spirit connections in her presentation, "Movement for Health and Healing."

Thursday, June 26
8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Integrative Health Academy, Day 3: Exploring the Indigenous Healing–Shamanism Branch of the Integrative Health Tree
Shamanism was the first truly holistic model for health in human history, and for centuries, the medicine wheel has provided indigenous peoples with a mechanism for understanding the many aspects of our lives and well-being. With the evolving wellness landscape bringing together the growing science of consciousness and the neurobiology of change, with the lasting wisdom of ancient traditions, Day 3 of the Integrative Health Academy will explore indigenous healing practices. Building upon the "Foundation Stones of Radical Healing" from Dr. Rudolph Ballentine and the four aspects of health (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual), and applying the structure of the medicine wheel, Karen Lawson, MD, will present "'The 7 Directions': A Sacred Model for Integral Health and Well-being." Dr. Lawson will use the framework of the 7 Directions to guide our exploration of optimal health, empowering us to deepen our ability to create a holistic life experience. Through discussion, visualization, individual and dyad exercises, she will provide inspiration and methods for both participants and their clients to create full, healthy, and thriving lives.

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