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Wellness and the Effects of Emotions

Wednesday, May 15, 2019   (0 Comments)
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Over the last month, the National Wellness Institute has been offering an amazing training and education series. We had our Financial Wellness Certificate course, and the program was very successful. Watch for the next round. We continue to see an appetite for our Resilience & Thriving and Empowered Health Consciousness Facilitator trainings. Our Wellness in Clinical Practice Certificate course is expanding and evolving. We continue to add new dates for onsite and online Worksite Wellness Certificate courses, too. 

Most exciting is the beginning of the first-of-its kind Multicultural Competency in Wellness Certificate program. There is tremendous demand and interest in bringing this type of training to workplaces and communities across the globe. Be sure to check it out and get signed up for the program. 

All of these great happenings within the National Wellness Institute reflect the need for individuals, workplaces, and communities to better understand the power of a wellness initiative. On May 8, we conducted a free webinar with Julie Ray of Gallup to discuss their latest studies on happiness and emotions. What we know is that these are key success factors in how you build a great strategy for wellness. On May 16, we teamed up with WELCOA to present information on a study conducted on a workplace wellness program in Illinois. These were interesting findings. The most intriguing was how selection bias is a key success factor. 

Selection bias is an emotion, not a treatment program. Gallup’s studies on happiness and emotions coincide with their work on the Well-being Index Gallup has conducted for over a decade. The Well-being Index reflects many of NWI’s own Six Dimensions of Wellness

So, the real question is a basic one: Great! NOW WHAT?! 

Watch for opportunities over the months ahead to gain the knowledge and skills you need to take the research we continue to bring you and utilize it to run a strategic wellness initiative at work, in your community, or simply for yourself. Further, be part of the conversation, as we will begin to seek best practices, more research, and evolving strategies from you. 

Wellness is evolving—are you? The National Wellness Institute is leading the way. Join us on the journey. 

Chuck Gillespie, CEO, National Wellness Institute