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Well-being, Wellbeing or Well Being – Which one is it?

Wednesday, June 19, 2019   (0 Comments)

Dr. Halbert Dunn is considered by many as the originator of the wellness movement. He defined wellness as “a condition of change in which the individual moves forward, climbing toward a higher potential of functioning.” As wellness evolves, no matter what the name is, each and every one of us must continue to better define it. Wellness today has become too synonymous with health care. Look at almost every metric used, and rarely does a wellness metric align with economic development, engagement, turnover rates at work, happiness, social determinants of health, or even specifics within healthcare costs.  

As marketing efforts evolve, are the actual programs, tools, resources, and trainings also evolving? Or do the same programs just have a new name? The latest term is well-being (or is it wellbeing or well being?). Be less concerned with what it is called, and be more focused on what wellness is accomplishing. Wellness is the program, the initiative, the event, the strategy. Well-being is the result. 

The proven success of any wellness initiative is contingent on developing programs that meet all Six Dimensions of Wellness. Emotional and social wellness are a big focus in this newsletter, including what you need to know to build wellness strategies that meet these needs. Enjoy, and remember wellness is a process! It is also a condition and a state of mind. A special note: If you have read this, please email me at because I have a special deal you might enjoy (whether you are already a member of the NWI community or not).

Chuck Gillespie, CEO, National Wellness Institute