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People are talking about the 2019 National Wellness Conference

Wednesday, October 9, 2019   (0 Comments)
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"Congrats on an amazing conference! Out of all of the different conferences that I have attended throughout my career this was hands down the best! The keynote speakers and morning kick-off sessions were amazing and each of the sessions I attended were filled with great information. I was able to meet and share information with a variety of individuals from all areas of wellness between sessions, at lunch, and during different sessions. Learning how to make ourselves better so that we can make our programs better was such a positive part of this conference. It really caused me to do some deep thinking and I was able to share that with Linda (just before she called me up on stage). Having been in this field for a few decades I have seen so many changes, ups and downs and everything in between happen with Wellness and I would say that it is more important now and at the front of companies mindsets not just for show as it was in the early years of corporate wellness. It also made me think about what I wanted to look to do in the field. They seem to want younger people in the corporate wellness sites so at some point I would love to be working for a group that needs help with ideas for programs, incentives, etc. Thank you for a great week and all that you and your staff put into making this conference life-changing for all of us that attended. I would love to do a session or help with next year’s conference in any way needed. I heard nothing but positive feedback from all I interacted with at the conference. Congrats to all at NWI!"

- Julie Hale