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Be a Voice for Wellness and Lead the Change

Tuesday, December 17, 2019   (3 Comments)
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What are you doing to enrich the lives and careers of those around you? As a health coach, maybe you can point to the number of individuals you help each day with their wellness journey. As a clinical professional, you can discuss your patients’ success in managing their health. As academic faculty,  you can help the students you teach become life-long learners. As a workplace wellness leader, you can point to the programs you lead and see the results your employees are achieving. I can go on and on with public health professionals, students, consultants, vendors, and so many others. Each of you brings a gift that helps others function optimally in this $4.2 trillion industry called wellness. 

But what are you doing to enrich your own life and career? Are you functioning optimally in your environment? Are you continuing to grow your professional network? Do you consider yourself a life-long learner and, if so, what are you doing to learn more about the evolving wellness industry? Are you a voice for the wellness community or are you just doing wellness? 

In 2020, the National Wellness Institute will embark on a journey to expand the reach of the wellness community into new areas of critical need. Each of you plays a vital role as we reimagine wellness for what it is — an economic driver, an employee engagement strategy, a health and health care disrupter, a personal renewal journey, a global connector, a metric for happiness and well-being, a focal point for policy, our own purpose!

Together, we are the worldwide voice of the wellness community. Together, we lead the change. Together, we learn from each other, build the evidence/research that impacts change, and tackle the headwinds of status quo that have created our current environment of poor health, stress, and lack of real happiness. We get excited to hear global businesses discussing stakeholder value over shareholder value. Why? Because wellness professionals have been preaching this for years — and the irony is that those businesses who have focused on stakeholder value have been the most profitable. Wellness professionals must keep these organizations accountable for what they say by discussing what they are doing to drive stakeholder value — and then get others to follow. 

In 2020, I encourage you to get better connected to fellow leaders of all the disciplines of wellness from all over the world and educate yourself on new areas of wellness like resilience, financial wellness, mental health, and multicultural competency. Stay vigilant on health and health care issues but expand your wellness metrics to include other areas of business (recruitment/retention, absenteeism, P&L) and community (economic development, population growth, social determinants of health, place-making). Finally, take care of yourself and practice what you preach!

It begins with you! Lead the change. Connect and collaborate. Expand your knowledge. And join us as we Reimagine Wellness in 2020! Not a member? Join today.

Chuck Gillespie, CEO National Wellness Institute


Helen Stucky-Weaver says...
Posted Monday, December 30, 2019
Excellent insightful & accountability article! As a rural retired RN, I know the importance of wholistic wellness & the reality of very busy & stressed multigenerational families & communities that depend of well functioning businesses & systems. I seek associations to use me & my Zoom Pro to collaborate on how we legally set up our online2local Live Well Health & Wellness Cooperative to support the citizens in business & employees. I am grateful that Dr Bill Hettler established the NWA in 1977 that became the NWI. I was personally & professionally enriched by the weeklong conferences back when I had paying work. Now I feel called to serve any form of lifelong PETS (Pioneering Exploratory Teachers-Students) in the Wellness movement to reach workers & families using our existing technologies & people efficiently. I personally want daily online options to interactive individual & groups of PETS. Let’s make 2020 a great year with all who want to be happy & well!
Anuj Sharma mr. says...
Posted Tuesday, December 24, 2019
Thanks for share this great advice for all. Anuj Parashar
Simon Pitcher Mr. says...
Posted Thursday, December 19, 2019
Fantastic short inspirational message prior to Christmas and nearing the end of the year Chuck! A little something in there for each and every Wellness Warrior :-) Coach Simon - Australia