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Emerging Wellness Professional Task Force Content Submissions
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Please use this form to send in your monthly content for the Emerging Wellness Professional task force.

Our objective is to have two items from the task force per month:

1) A written blog article on a wellness topic or a dimension of wellness.

2) A one-minute video either narrated by you, or starring you, discussing a wellness topic or dimension of wellness.

NWI will post the videos and articles to the NWI Blog. Videos or articles submitted will be due by the 28th day of the month before they are to be posted, to allow time to have it ready to include in our newsletter goes out at the beginning of each month.

There is a sign-up form for each item below, in case one member of your task force wants to do the one-minute video and another wants to do the blog article. Once you sign up, you can download tips and instructions for providing these different items.

Click here for details & instructions for content marketing submissions.

Please note that once you complete one of the content marketing forms below, you will be able to download this information for reference.

Below are suggestions for each of the channel options available to you. Please email Caroline Carlson with any questions at


  • Decide what the objective of your video is.
  • Note some talking points.
  • Make sure your light source is in front of you, not behind you, and if possible not overhead (natural light is best if possible).
  • Record somewhere that does not have a lot of background noise. We suggest using a microphone if at all possible. Whether you use a microphone or not, please try to record in a quiet place (if outdoors, avoid recording on a windy day).
  • If you have one, use a tripod for your phone to keep the image steady. Have a friend set up the shot so that the camera is at your eyeline or above. Be sure to leave a little space over your head, and give yourself a little distance from the screen.
  • Please dress professionally in solid colors (avoid patterns), in something you are comfortable wearing. We will add a lead-in and -out and the logo.
  • Be sure to leave a bit of recording at the start and finish with you in a still position and smiling into the camera, so we can edit and add a lead-in and -out.
  • Make sure you are not in front of a distracting background (too much movement, bright colors, busy patterns, etc...).
  • Try to speak and move naturally, without your hands shoved in your pockets, but not moving too much in front of you. Relax and smile! Please submit a short written summary to go with your video, so we have some context with which to post it to our website and/or newsletter/social media. This can be just a 2-3 line summary of what you will be covering. Please also include a title for the video and keywords we can add when we upload it.


  • The goal word count is between 900 to 1500 words. You can go longer if you wish, but we don’t recommend going over 2500 words.
  • Send in any of your own photos that we have permission to use with the article. We recommend using one picture every500 words. If you don’t have photos, we’ll add in stock images to go with your article.
  • Per the submission form, please provide a brief biographical sketch so that we can give you credit in your by-line and a link back to your website or email if you like.
  • A photo not mandatory, but highly recommended for a more personal connection with the audience.

Fill out the form below to submit an article.

Fill out the form below to submit a one-minute video.