Professional Publications

NWI members receive Well-Being Practitioner, Wellness News You Can Use, International Wellness Connection, and access to archived issues of Wellness Management.

NWI Member-Only Publications:

Well-Being Practitioner

Innovative, practical information available in an easy-to-read online format. Its cutting-edge ideas, trends, and resources guide and inform employee wellness professionals. (Formerly Health Promotion Practitioner.)

Wellness News You Can Use

Each month we compile the best wellness news stories, new research, and fun facts. Feel free to use these articles in any publications or emails you share with your clients or employees. This is a valuable resource available only to NWI members.

International Wellness Connection

A series of monthly essays from wellness professionals across the world, providing insights into wellness in their respective countries. Each month we'll include a new article in the NWI member newsletter as well as keep them as an archived resource here.

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