Wellnessing with NWI
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Wellnessing! - Live Conversations

Wellnessing is a Term of Action

Too many times, we talk about wellness, we develop a wellness strategy, and we even spend resources and budgets for the tools and programs to impact change. Yet, we forget to handle the simple things that help us function optimally and create opportunities to be well. 

So #AlwaysBeWellnessing is what we want you to have on your mind every hour of every minute of every day. This can be as simple as holding a door open for another person to developing a full-scale food supply network for an underserved community. It is just the act of doing! 

National Wellness Institute will begin to have a series of Wellnessing events – online and eventually in person, too. Some of these gatherings will have a specific topic, and some will be more general. The idea is to create community so we know we have a web of support and can learn from each other. So if you choose to be Wellnessing and want to post something you saw or did, please use the hashtag #AlwaysBeWellnessing.

Past Wellnessing Events

Best Practices in Wellness During this Health and Economic Crisis
What is missing and what should we be promoting more?

With Chuck Gillespie
Friday, March 27, 2020 • 12 pm CT