NWI White Paper Proposal Submission Form

Do you have valuable wellness expertise and insight you can share with NWI members in the form of a white paper or professional article? Perhaps you have examples of how to solve a complex issue facing the field of wellness and health promotion today or you have creative ideas and knowledge on how to help prepare wellness professionals for the future. If so, please consider submitting a white paper or article to NWI for publication on our website. 


Who would read the publication? The majority of NWI members are wellness practitioners who serve a variety of wellness-related areas such as corporate wellness, clinical health, coaching, higher education, community wellness, and general health and wellness promotion. Many readers are  looking for hands-on, practical information that can be applied within their work setting. By sharing your wisdom with NWI members you will be fostering the mission of NWI, which is to provide health promotion and wellness professionals unparalleled resources and services that fuel professional and personal growth. 


To submit a white paper or article, please gather the following information to be entered in the form below:

  • Author’s contact information 
  • 50- to 75-word author bio
  • Author’s relevant content area expertise (50-75 words explaining what qualifies you as a content expert in the material to be published and professional experience related to this specific proposed topic)
  • White paper or article title
  • 200- to 300-word description/abstract of white paper or article
  • Reference list to be uploaded as a Word or PDF document 



Carefully review the following information BEFORE submitting your proposal:

  1. If you have a current NWI membership, please log in to your member account before submitting your proposal. Your contact information will automatically be populated for you.
  2. Ensure you have gathered ALL the required information before you begin your online proposal, as you may be unable to save and return to this form and will be required to re-upload documents if you attempt "Save and Continue Later.":


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