Call for Blog Article Submissions
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Thank you for your interest in posting your article with us. Please complete this form to submit your article for consideration. We are looking for articles that provide informational and/or inspirational value to our readers. This is a place to build community with other wellness professionals. As such, we are looking for articles written by wellness professionals for wellness professionals. We do not accept articles that are promotional in nature, nor do we publish affiliate links.

Article approvals will be confirmed via email and you will be given a projected publication date. Should you have any questions about filling out this form, please email Caroline Carlson.

While membership in NWI is not required to submit an article, we do recommend becoming a member to enjoy all the benefits an NWI membership has to offer.

Non-members (including those with guest accounts) will be limited to one article submission per calendar year. Click here for information on becoming an NWI member.

Click here for article submission guidelines

Writers interested in bringing their intelligence, creativity, and passion to our blog are welcome and appreciated.To submit a blog article for consideration, please gather the following information to be entered in the form below:

  • Minimum article length is 700 words. A length of over 1500 words is better, while articles over 2500 words are less likely to be read in their entirety. If possible, please include a royalty free stock image or one that you took yourself or have permission to use for posting with the article. We aim to have a photo every 500 words or so. We do add a stock image to articles that are submitted without pictures. If you send a longer article however, please try to send us at least two images that you have the rights to post along with it.

  • You may submit a single article or a series of articles. If you submit more than one article, please attach one article per form submission, unless you are submitting a series of articles. If submitting a series, clearly name the files as to which article is first, second, etc... If approved, we will release a series of articles consecutively.

  • Author’s contact information 
  • 50- to 75-word author bio
  • Author’s relevant content area expertise. What is your level of experience with the material to be published? Provide a brief description of your education and professional experience related to this specific topic. (50-75 words)
  • Article title
  • Upload your file(s) as formatted Word doc(s). If a series, please upload one article per document (Limit: 3 articles max per series)
  • Upload your headshot to be included with your article (max file size 2MB). This is not required, but strongly suggested.

Have questions about submitting an article? Click here to email us your questions, or call us at 715-342-2969.

We look forward to reading your articles! 

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