Emerging Wellness Professional Award 2018
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The National Wellness Institute Board of Directors approved the launching of our Emerging Wellness Professional Award (EWP) and Task Force during the 2018 National Wellness Conference, to recognize the work and impact of newcomers to the wellness industry.

NWI wants to motivate emerging wellness professionals to become active members of the organization and support NWI’s efforts to engage and empower the wellness leaders of tomorrow. We consider anyone new to the field of wellness an emerging wellness professional — whether you are just graduating college or changing careers later in life. You can find articles and 1-minute video tips for emerging wellness professionals in our monthly newsletter. Click here to sign up for our newsletter today.


Former NWI Executive Director Matt Lund (left) presenting Romy Antoine with the Emerging Wellness Professional award in 2018

2018 NWI Emerging Wellness Professional Award recipient Romuald Antoine Jr., CPT, CHC, (right) with Former NWI Executive Director Matt Lund.

Romy Antoine was selected as the NWI 2018 EWP Awardee and is currently leading the Task Force along with Eirasmin Lokpez-Cobo, NWI Board Member.


The awardee was offered:

  • An internship opportunity on NWI's BOD
  • A free annual NWI membership for 2018-2019
  • Free registration for the 2018 National Wellness Conference
  • Covered travelling and lodging expenses for the 2018 National Wellness Conference

Emerging Wellness Professional Awardee Responsibilities:

  • Attend all Board meetings (as a non-voting intern) once a month for a year starting on July 2018.
  • Support the Board on the development of the EWP Professional Taskforce.
  • Lead the EWP Taskforce and become the liaison between the Taskforce and NWI Board.
  • Lead NWI’s initiatives to engage young generations in healthcare and wellness and newcomers to the wellness industry.
  • Bring innovative and creative approaches related to holistic health practices, promoting wellness within communities, lifestyle medicine and integrated health care.
  • Support leadership development in healthcare and wellness.
  • Lead the 2019 EWP Award, which will be awarded during the 2019 NWI Conference.

NWI Emerging Wellness Professional (EWP) Task Force

NWI's EWP Committee was very impressed with the 2018 EWP Award applicants’ qualifications and their interest in NWI.

Therefore, all six applicants, together with other emerging professionals chosen by the Board were invited to form the NWI EWP Taskforce.