High-level Wellness Through Multicultural Competency
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During this interactive online Certificate course, learn effective and meaningful ways to assist and engage individuals from walks of life different from your own in maintaining and enhancing wellness.

Multiculturally competent wellness professionals are better able to communicate, engage, and connect with individuals whose  are different from their own. This leads to increased effectiveness of wellness interventions and programs, resulting in more impactful outcomes.

The information and resources provided in this course align with NWI’s Six Dimensions of Wellness model, Multicultural Wellness Wheel, and Wellness Promotion Competency Model.


The following modules are included:

  • Module 1: “Introduction to Multicultural Competency in Wellness”
    • “The Multicultural Wellness Wheel: A Roadmap to an Inclusive Health & Wellness Approach”
    • “The Case for Multicultural Competency in Wellness”
  • Module 2: “Fundamentals of Multicultural Competency in Wellness”
  • Module 3: “Multiculturally Competent Wellness Strategies”
  • Module 4: “Assessing and Evaluating Multicultural Competency in Wellness”

Complete all course elements online to earn your Multicultural Competency in Wellness Certificate.


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